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[Xinsheng Industry] Shandong Energy New Material Industrial Park held groundbreaking ceremony

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On the morning of March 18th, Shandong Energy New Material Industrial Park, established on the basis of the existing new materials industry of Xinsheng Industrial Company,

  On the morning of March 18th, Shandong Energy New Material Industrial Park, established on the basis of the existing new materials industry of Xinsheng Industrial Company, held the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Guanzhuang New Material Park in Zhangqiu District, Jinan City.



  The industrial park was built and operated by Xinsheng Industrial Company. It is a park in the industrial planning of Shandong Energy Group to deploy Jinan Zhangqiu “Shannengzhicheng” and industrial park, science park and service park “one city and three parks”. One of the 18 characteristic industrial parks planned and laid out in Zhangqiu District. The park covers an area of 500 mu and plans to invest 1.85 billion yuan. It is estimated that the annual income will be 3.5 billion yuan, the tax will be 180 million yuan, and 1,500 people will be employed. The construction of the industrial park marks the integration of Xinsheng Industrial Company into local development, and has taken a new step in the strategic planning of a large new industrial base.

  Zheng Kai, Chairman of China Synthetic Resin Association, Sun Shihai, Deputy General Manager of Energy Group, Han Wei, Deputy Secretary of Zhangqiu District Committee, Han Wei, Member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Director of the United Front, Dong Yunfeng, Chairman of the Yankuang Group, Party Secretary Sun Zhonghui, General Manager, Party Committee Deputy Secretary Hou Yugang, Deputy General Manager Bao Zhengli and some leaders of Energy Group, Yankuang Group and Zhangqiu District attended the ceremony.

Zheng Kai’s speech


  Zheng Kai pointed out in his speech that the construction of Shandong Energy New Material Industrial Park will be a milestone for leading the domestic long carbon chain nylon industry and achieving long-term production of long carbon chain nylon. It will set a model for the domestic high-performance nylon industry. Engineering and industry benchmarks will effectively promote the rapid development of the domestic high-end nylon industry. Industry associations will also give full play to the role of bridges and ties between the government and enterprises, continue to increase exchanges and cooperation within the industry, effectively promote the development and guidance of the new materials industry, and promote the promotion of new materials industry in China and internationally. The core competitiveness is to accelerate the supply-side structural reform, fully implement the China Manufacturing 2025 development strategy, and accelerate the transformation of the new material industry kinetic energy to make positive contributions.


Sun Shihai delivered a speech


  Sun Shihai pointed out that Shandong Energy New Material Industrial Park is one of the overall planning projects for the industrial planning of Jinan Zhangqiu “Shanneng·Zhicheng” and industrial park, science park and service park “One City and Three Parks” deployed by the Energy Group. Taking the start-up ceremony of the project as an opportunity, we will seize the development opportunities of new and old kinetic energy conversion, accelerate the implementation of the overall plan of “One City, Three Parks”, deeply integrate into the economic and social development of Zhangqiu, comprehensively promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and strive to build Jinan. The “highland” of the three major industries of the Eastern Industrial Park, Science and Technology Park and Service Park.

Sun Zhonghui's speech


  Sun Zhonghui pointed out that this year is the year of implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the major project of transforming the old and new kinetic energy of our province. It is also the breakthrough year for Yankuang Group to implement the “Four New Mountain Energy” construction plan and accelerate the transformation and development. We will concentrate our strengths, start at a high level, high-quality construction, high standards, adhere to industrialization and automation, intelligent integration, technology upgrades, equipment level upgrades, product grades and quality performance upgrades, and strive to build the industrial base into me. The kinetic energy conversion model project with the largest scale, the best production technology, the latest business model and the most comprehensive benefits, to create a modern high-end, intelligent equipment, production and research integration of Yankuang and even the energy industry emerging industry backbone and demonstration park, with good Performance contributes to the locality and returns to society.

Hou Yugang presided over the ceremony


Ground laying site. (photo by Li Bin)